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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our Honeymoon
Dedicated to Gregory

Submitted by Wendy

We had a beautiful wedding a year ago. Everything went according to plan and we were eagerly awaiting our honeymoon on Maui, Hawaii, the dream trip of our 6 years together. Everything was fine until we arrived in Los Angeles and waited excitedly to board to plan to Maui. We then found out the plane was overbooked and we were unable to get on the flight. So we sat in the airport all night long and looked at our Hawaii travel guides and planned our first activities upon our late arrival. The next day we found out that again we would not be able to get on the plane. The airline was apologetic and kept promising to get us on the next one. We only had been able to book 5 nights on Maui. So now we had lost two nights. We finally got on a flight and arrived with 2 and one half days to spend there. We were exhausted but happy yet in love at first sight with this beautiful place. We left feeling very sad that we had not had more of a chance to be there and have spent the last year dreaming of going back one day. We play hawaiian music on the stereo and dream of the day when we return.

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