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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Sweetest Gift
Dedicated to My First Love

Submitted by Danielle

As the sacred day of love approached, I wondered what my special valentine was going to get as a gift for me. Because I am not to into material gifts, all I asked was that is was creative and from the heart. Although I know he would think and worry so much about what to get I reassured him that whatever he got would be fine with me. You see, this was the man I lived with all of my heart and just knowing that I had all the love his heart could give was good enough for me. On Valentines day morning!

I got up, went to school and work like usual, all the while trying to discover what my boyfriend finally settled on. As I walked into my apartment, the soft glow of candles illuminated the living room as he escorted me to the couch. There he shyly presented me with a single rose and an wide flat box that had a sinlge red ribbon tied around it. I asked whar it was, but his only responce was, "Just open it." As I untied the string and opened the box , there were a few sheets of paper covering the object I have courious about all day. I closed my eyes and I opened the paper to revel what was before me. When I opened my eyes, I discovered a piece of paper that was folded in half. I opened it and my eyes filled with tears as I looked at what the love of my life made for me. It wsa a heart cut out of a plain sheet of white paper, colored red with crayons, without a single white spot. It was just like the ones we did in elementary school. On the back were the simple words !

"Danielle, I love you, Always~" and the date. You see this ment more to me than any gift bought and any store in the world. As I reached over to hug him for giving me the greatest gift, he softly wispered " It's yours baby for as long as you want it." It was then that I looked into his eyes and said " Then I want it forever."

To my suprise he then pulled out andother box, as I opened it, the contents spilled on me a little. When I finally looked it, I discovered it was sand. With a bewildered look on my face, he nonchantly said " Ready for Hawaii?" You see, I love the the beach and he knows it, so for the weekend we were going to spend a romantic vacation on the Hawaiian beach. With is heart in my hand, we caught our flight to paradise. While staring into a beautiful sunset with the love of my life at my side, I remember something my best friend says all the time, "Love is only endless when it's real." I know that this love will never end, because this is as real as it comes.

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