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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to Laurie Lamb

Submitted by Robert

My story begins on a warm summer night in Hawaii, on the seventh day of the best week of my life.

You see, Laurie, while being my best friend for years, and I, being in love with her for many more years before that week, had never really had any romantic feeling for me. This all changed, all of a sudden.

Because her new found affection for me was unusal, I still wasn't sure what to make of it. We had only had our first kiss two days before this special day.

I had gone to her church to pick her up after services that wonderful night, only to be disappointed when I was told by her family that she hadn't attended because she was home ill. I asked if I could go to visit her, and I drove over in my 69 Mercury Monterrey convertible with the top down (it was very warm and muggy).
When I got upstairs to her house, I found her crying, with that stuffy nosed kind of dripping, you know what I mean.

I couldn't understand why she would be crying, so I asked what the real problem was.

I sat in silence as she reviewed our personal history. She had known that I was in love with her all those years, and although she loved me (like a brother)very much, she just hadn't developed any romantic feelings for me, at least not until seven days ago.

The reason she was upset, she said was that she was afraid that she was "Too Late" and that she was afraid that "You won't ask me to marry you", Then she started to sob uncontrollably.

I held her in my arms, kissed her tenderly, and said "It will never be too late for you. Will?, you marry me?"
She thru her arms around me, said "YES! YES! YES!, and we just sat there holding each other tightly not wanting this moment to ever end, until we heard a tremendous thunder clap outside.

At first it didn't register with me because I was still stunned by this improbable turn of events, but then I remembered that the top was DOWN on my CONVERTIBLE outside!

I quickly kissed her good night, then ran out only to find that I couldn't get the top up!

I ran back to her apartment not knowing what to do, and she was standing there laughing, holding a clear BUBBLE UMBRELLA!

So I drove home that night sitting in a bubble umbrella while it was pouring down rain, but I didn't mind.
The love of my life had at long last had just become mine!

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