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Love Stories of Hawaii


"Surprise - Hawaii Style"
Dedicated to John - for his faith in me!

Submitted by L

The views from the helicopter were absolutely breathtaking - with the Maui mountains on the left and the waterfalls of Hana on the right - and the blue, blue ocean far below! I could hardly believe that I was experiencing so much beauty - and was certain that the memory of this moment would remain with me for the rest of my life!

Bob and I were both policemen from the Boston area - and had planned this vacation to escape our demanding, stressful lives, and part of the cold Boston winter. Originally, we had anticipated this as a "honeymoon" - but the combination of our work schedules and those of our family members, simply did not mesh, so we came to Hawaii for a well-deserved vacation, putting aside the wedding plans until later. I wondered if the marriage license we had secured would be good next year.

Our pilot was explaining the Island sites, and the other passenger - a photographer from "Jersey," seemed to be enjoying himself, as well. Strange, though, he did not have a strong "Jersey accent" and sported a wonderful tan, as if he had been here for months. Perhaps he traveled a lot!

Our pilot announced that we would be landing at the top of the waterfalls for lunch that was included with this tour - so for us to please prepare for landing!

As we settled into the outline of the landing pad, I noticed that there was another helicopter approaching the area, and as we stepped from our craft, I noticed that the lunch tables had been decorated in white lace with wedding plates and decorations - what fun! A wedding - and we get to be a part of it simply because we had selected the "Ride with a Catered Lunch" package! How very exciting!

At the very moment I was thinking these thoughts, the second helicopter set down. "This must be the Bride and Groom," I surmised. I turned to Bob and said "How fun! We get to see a wedding! Isn't that a wonderful bonus?"

Bob began to laugh, as did the pilot and the Jersey photographer! I guess it must have been the way I said it - it didn't sound that funny to me!

It was then that I saw them - our best friends from Boston - all dressed up and walking towards us! It was so confusing - what in the world? I turned to Bob - who was down on one knee saying "Would you consider becoming my wife right now, right here? Will you, Felicia, marry me?"

Oh my - this was my wedding - my table, my ceremony! And my best friend was at my side with the wedding dress that she and I spent hours looking for! What a perfectly wonderful surprise - complete with a "photographer" and a minister from the other helicopter!

Yes, indeed, this would be the memory that would remain with me for the rest of my life!

I wonder what he would have done if I had said "no?"

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