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Love Stories of Hawaii


A True Love Story
Dedicated to My husband Jim

Submitted by Gayle

A True Love Story

Gayle, it's great and it works for me Kathy kept saying!!! Just try it once -- just once!

No, NEVER again I said! I hated dating and don't need the hassle of starting a new relationship. Nope, I won't go through that again and I don't care if I ever go out again. I have been hurt too much and too often. Kathy kept insisting --- answer just one internet ad !!! She just wouldn't quit - she kept insisting and insisting and insisting !!!! I finally agreed ---- just to shut her up!!!

There was something about Jim's internet ad. Perhaps it was our common interests. Maybe it was his unassuming tone -- or it could even have been the fact that he gave great backrubs - but I answered the ad.

Jim and I hit it off right away.

Immediately, the ads began to fly back and forth over the internet - sometimes 20 a day. Before we would go to sleep at night we would send each other notes -- then in the mornings we would race to our computers to send a good morning note - and to see if we had gotten more mail!! It was over a week before we spoke for the first time but I had the feeling something very special was happening.

That feeling didn't change that first morning we met at McDonald's. We talked and talked and talked. On the ride to the beach that cold April morning in 1998, we hardly noticed the distance. I never felt I was with a stranger. We talked for hours about anything and everything. The beach was too cold and too windy - but we hardly noticed. This is the way it was suppose to be - but I was still afraid -- had I finally found my soul mate???

The answer was yes - yes indeed!!

That November day when I accepted Jim's proposal in front of a roaring fireplace could have been the happiest day of our lives . Unfortunately, the quiet and the warmth we shared that day was shattered by a phone call ----- my daddy had been murdered by his step-daughter. Daddy and I had had our problems in the past -- but only recently had made our peace with each other. I do thank God for that --- but the killing of my daddy and the fact that his step-daughter was never taken to trial has cast a shadow over our lives.

Jim and I were married the following April -- exactly one year from the day we first met. We didn't have much of a honeymoon - the events surrounding my daddy's death still haunted us. Perhaps one day we would be able to afford the very special honeymoon we deserve - maybe even in Hawaii.

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