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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Fifty by Fifty
Dedicated to All 50 year old Baby Boomers

Submitted by Carla

Fifty states by fifty years. That's the goal. My honey & I have been to all but one of the fifty states. We have saved the fiftieth state to enter the union for my fiftieth birthday. It is only proper and fitting that the last jewel to be placed in my birthday crown is Hawaii. Only a perfect jewel like Hawaii will complete my dazzling party.

How special and lovely a birthday it will be, better than a sweet sixteen party. Better even than a queen's public, pompous celebration. No, only a child's first, precious birthday is anything near as good as saving ourselves for the most romantic party of all, the once in a lifetime occasion that is Hawaii.

It will be the best party that we've ever had, and we have spent a lifetime perfecting the art of partying. Better than my twenty-first birthday when I was gifted with a five-carat diamond. Better than New Year's Eve in Times Square this Millenium, with two million other professional partyers. Better than the wedding day, which was also my mother's birthday. We are people who really know how to party.

I was born in Texas, so I know how to brag. But without exaggeration, my fiftieth birthday in Hawaii with my lover will be the best, most romantic birthday. Ever.

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