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Love Stories of Hawaii


Just Maui'ed
Dedicated to My best friend & husband,,,,,Rich

Submitted by Christina

April 9, 1992 Rich & I exchanged our wedding vows, it was the 2nd time around for both of us, Rich & I were both single parents with 2 year old children (my son Blake & Rich's daughter Sherice), we were not only bringing our lives together but starting a new family. Neither of us had been to Hawaii before and our honey moon budget was modest, with the assistance of a local wedding consulting company, we had chosen the Iao Valley State Park to save on expenses, we had no music, no guest list....not even witnesses. That all changed as we winded into the enchanting and tranquil Iao Valley. The Reverend had already arrived, as we walked passed the cobble stone wall the smell of Lily's overtook the air as he handed me my bouquet. A local family was having a picnic near by, a Budist could be seen meditating in the Japanese gardens and tour buses were winding by to view the "Needle". As we were preparing to say our vows, a "local" from the picnic walked over our direction, guitar in hand.....he offered to play the "Hawaian Wedding Song" for our ceremony, the man meditating in the garden offered us prayers and also became our witness along with the photographer, in the mean time the tour bus had stopped and people quietly began sitting on the cobble stone wall. Little did I know that within in minutes our modest wedding for 2 would turn into a priceless memory, with a guest list of approximate 50!! We've been happily married ever since. Our 10th anniversary is quickly approaching and an opportunity to return to Hawaii and renew our wedding vows would be paradise. Maui no ka oi

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