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Love Stories of Hawaii


Heavenly Honeymoon in Hawaii
Dedicated to My beautiful wife, Ellen, and my first son, Daniel

Submitted by Corey

From our first date in 1990, we knew one decision would be easy to make - where to Honeymoon. Independently, both Ellie and I had always dreamed about honeymooning in Hawaii (a topic that came up on our first date). When we got engaged in 1993, all that was needed was the planning.

As the wedding date neared, the way I coped with all the last minute hassles was to close my eyes and focus on the wheels of the plane touching down in Hawaii. My main memory of my wedding is how gorgeous Ellie was - her face glowed!

I'd like to say Hawaii was everything we had dreamed, but I can't. It was much more. There were romantic moments - romantic dinners in fine restaurants, stops along the beach to watch the sun set, and private time the two of us shared. Then there was the fun stuff - on Maui, we took surfing lessons, we watched the sun rise on Mount Haleakala, we biked down the mountain, we attended a luau, we toured the road to Hana, we went snorkeling at Molikini, and lots, lots more; on Kuai, we took a Helicopter ride, we went horseback riding up into the mountains and down to the sea shore (Ellen's first time on a horse!), and we took a catamaran around the North shore and saw dolphins and snorkeled; on our day trip to the Big Island, we took a guided tour; and on Oahu, we walked around Honolulu, visited tourist sites, snorkeled at Hanauma Bay, climbed all the way up the steps to the top of Diamond Head, visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, and went to Pearl Harbor on Pearl Harbor Day!
. At the Polynesian Cultural Center, we opted for the VIP package, which turned out to be exquisite. We had a personal guide through the park, and we enjoyed front row seats at the show. (At one point, the performer came at us so fast and so close, I thought he was about to attack!) It was exhilarating. The only sad moment I can recall was when we waved goodbye to Hawaii as our plane left.

Before our wedding, Ellie and I discussed whether we wanted to wait or to try right away to have a baby. We decided to try. I remember on our helicopter ride flying over an area the pilot said was believed to make women fertile. It just made me and Ellie more excited. Time passed, and at first we thought we were unsuccessful, but on New Year's Day we learned that Ellie was pregnant. With everything Ellie had told her colleagues at work about our honeymoon, the main comment she heard was "When did you find time?!!"

Daniel was born on 8/30/94. People always smile when I tell them he's a honeymoon baby. When he was little, I used to tell people that there was a mark on his tushy that read "Made in Hawaii."

Now the question is just: when will we return to Hawaii.

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