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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiian Honeymoon
Dedicated to Timothy R. Grant

Submitted by Lorinda

We met at work, he was a Manufacturing Engineer and I was a Computer Input Operator. It was true love. He painted little love notes in my black metal desk drawer with "white-out" and I loaned him my radio. We fought (he scratched off the notes and I took back my radio), then we made up and he proposed on New Years Eve 1982. Wedding plans were made. Tim insisted on two things, a chocolate wedding cake and getting married on New Years Eve.

So the following New Years Eve (1983) we were married in a glorious Church service. At the reception we asked his parents (Everett and Marcella Grant) to stand and be recognized for their 50th anniversary. His father passed away shortly after our wedding but we have such special memories (and pictures!). Our wedding night was spent at a Seattle hotel right on the waterfront. We were so pleased that my "thoughtful" stepbrother brought our car around to the front of the reception hall. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at the hotel and found our luggage stuffed with birdseed. We spent quite some time tossing birdseed out of the hotel window into the Puget Sound. Those seagulls must have thought it was raining birdseed!

We both wanted the perfect honeymoon and for a wedding gift his parents sent us to Hawaii. We flew into Oahu. Greeting us at the airport were a lovely Hawaiian couple who placed fragrant leis around our necks. (Another perfect picture!) We spent time seeing historic sites, such as the Arizona Memorial and the Punchbowl as well as enjoying the abundant nightlife. One memorable dinner was in a restaurant where the tables were built on piers. As you ate dinner you could watch huge orange and white koi swim lazily around the tables. January is the season for the largest waves during the year. We watched some excellent people surf the awesome Hawaiian "pipeline".

Our next stop was to the island of Kauai. This was a very relaxing time, walking on the beach and trying local restaurants. We absolutely adored shave ice and to this day it's one of our all time favorite treats. In a farmer's field there was a cow standing in the back of an abandoned pick up truck with a small bird perched on her head. (Another picture perfect memory.) We floated up a river into a lush fern grotto where we "retook" our wedding vows. That last night we sat on a pristine beach holding hands while watching a blazing sunset. We were young and did not know what the future held in store for us but we were so happy and so much in love.

Now sixteen anniversaries and one daughter later, our life together is filled with happiness and as well as sorrows. Our shared experiences are the glue that keeps our relationship strong. Our honeymoon in Hawaii was the first of these events and one we will hold forever in our hearts.

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