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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Thank you for my life
Dedicated to David

Submitted by Connie

You took me in under your wings, when I was too scared to fly. You told me that I had to live, when all i wanted to do was die.

You saw the fear and sadness I had by only the sound of my voice. You said I didn't have to talk. You were the first to give me that choice.

You told me just to take my time, we'll always have tomorrow. There were many many times when you just let me weep.

You somehow made me smile, though through my pain and all the tears. I told you all about my life and what happened in those years. To my surprise you were right. You already knew me so well.

You opened my heart very slow and took alook inside. Then you found the part of me that I wanted so badly to hide.

But you didn't laugh, nor did you leave. You didn't say I was wrong. You told me that i'd be fine. Something i'd needed so long.

Then I realized something was wrong while I sat there all those days. Then I finally figured it out. It was something I didn't say.

Thank you was all I could get out. Though i wanted to say so much more. You have taught me of life and love and that i have something to live for.

Thank you

This is dedicated to my best friend. Without him i wouldn't have fought so hard to save myself. What better place than Hawaii at sunrise and sunset to tell him how much he means to me and to thank him for everything he has done for me.
I have my life back. I still have along way to go. The nightmares and the flashbacks are becoming fewer and fewer. Thank you for helping me see I was worth saving. I love you.

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