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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Memorable Anniversary
Dedicated to My husband "Bob"

Submitted by Diane

Who would ever have thought we would go on a vacation to Hawaii? But there we were. We came to celebrate our 31st Wedding Anniversary and the freedom the 4th surgery on my knee gave me. I have arthritis in my knee that has caused much pain and I thought it would keep me from my dream of going to Hawaii. But no, you can't ever tell my husband that something can't be done. So only 8 short weeks after my last surgery we were on our way to Hawaii. I can't explain the feelings I went through. But I can tell you one thing, it is a vacation I will never forget. We stayed at a beautiful resort hotel for 7 days, and I felt so special. The people at the hotel were so wonderful, and my husband, Bob, made every minute so special. If my knee hurt, we went in the ocean or the pool, or just layed in the sun. We saw so many sights and went on a dinner cruise for our anniversary. My wonderful husband made this trip so special for me and I only hope one day soon to be able to come back to beautiful "Hawaii" and make the trip special for him too.

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