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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Proposal
Dedicated to Leo Apostol

Submitted by Jennifer

Before arriving at the airport I thought of the many trips we had been on and our favorite destinations. Hawaii, Maui, Disneyland, Monterey; I was stumped, where are we going I tought? I sat quietly on the plane and fumbled through diffrent memories leading up to this vaccation. I thought about meeting in High School and discovering we were becoming more than friends. I recalled our many good times and our few arguments over the years. I knew in my mind what this trip was for and I was anxious, excited and thrilled. Although I knew we were flying to LA, I still didnt know our final destination. After landing we were driven to our Hotel; where I discovered we were going to disneyland, "The happiest place on earth". We quickly settled into our hotel room and were off to Disneyland to begin our vaccation. We rode on rides, went to shows, and relaxed quietly together in the shade. It wasn't long before we were both getting tired from our long day when he asked me to go one more time to the wishing well. He told me that he had some pennies that he wanted to use. I remember thinking we allready went to the wishing well, but okay. We arrived at the well and I casually leaned over it listening to he echo of Snow White singing. Leo started to say his wish out loud which is a no no. I turned my head to tell him so and saw that he was down on one knee wth an open box saying that one of his dearest wishes was for me to be his wife. Of course I answered yes and then proceeded to yell "get up'! I was so very shocked! At that point he took me out to a beautiful dinner at the disneyland hotel. I kept glancing at my ring thinking someone better pinch me. Leaving the resteraunt he held my hand and we walked quietly to our room. As I stepped into the room there were rose petals scatterd all over and chmpagne with choclate covered strawberries. The thought and effort that he put into this trip is still unbelievabe to me. Every detail was planned so carefully and lovingly. I am so anxious for July to finally be his wife. I hope that by writng this story he can see how truly special he is and how much I love him. I will never forget those two magical days with him and am looking forward to a lifetime together.

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