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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

When Your Wish Comes True
Dedicated to Susan Kay

Submitted by Todd

As the sun set, and the stars came out, Todd reached over and took Sue's hand. He remembered holding her hand for the first time a little over two years earlier. His heart was racing like the engine of the 1971 Mach 1 Mustang in which they were sitting. Could he do this? Should he do this? How would she respond? Was this the right time and place? Should he drive the Mustang to a more romantic setting? He decided the time was now to make his wish come true. He quietly cleared his throat and sang this song: "The Proposal: Sue, I love you! And I need you by my side. You'd make me happy, If you'll become my bride? I want to marry you! So we can eat and sleep, Walk and talk, Live in love together, If you will marry me. Then we'll share our lives with each other, And grow closer together... forever. Sue, will you marry me? If you do, I'll take you to Hawaii." Sue couldn't believe it! Todd was asking her to marry him; what should she say? How should she answer? She loved him and he loved her, so the only answer was "YES". He couldn't believe it! She said "YES;" this was great! His wish had come true and now his dream of being together forever would begin. This original song was created and sung by me over 15 years ago in December 1984 to the love of my life, Sue. The last line of the song is new. Just as the love between Sue and I gets renewed each day as the memories that we share grow. This finishes the true story submitted earlier named "When You Wish Upon A Star" under the 'Summer Romance' category. We hope we can continue making wonderful memories in the great state of Hawaii.

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