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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Love Of My Life
Dedicated to my husband Peter Gauthier

Submitted by Cathy

Last year, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We had been planning a special Hawaiian trip for 5 years because we wanted to renew our wedding vows. Last October 13th on the Island of Kauai, Peter, I and our best friends (Barb and Doug Derry) renewed our wedding vows overlooking a famous cliff "Crater Hill" on the Island of Kauai! It took the four of us three solid days before we found the perfect spot. I picked out my Hawaiian dress and flowers for my hair... I was ready. This was the highlight of my life. The moment we arrived for our service on the hill it was as if I was in a dream world. Love was in the air and I have never felt closer to Peter than I did that moment. The minister and his wife were wonderful people and it was as if they were both sent from heaven to share this wonderful moment with us. When it came time for Peter and I to renew our vows I was so touched I could hardly speak! Right then, I new that Peter is and has always been my soul mate. The love I feel for him today is stronger because of our Island experience. I only wish that others will be able to experience what we did that day on Crater Hill.

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