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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

True Love
Dedicated to My Parents

Submitted by Lydia

It was a cold winter's day on January 14, 1956 in the little town of Lyman, Washington. Someone forgot to start the fire in the stove of the old church for the wedding, so Lois and Harold stood in their pastor's front room with friends and family, exchanging their vows of love while God watched from heaven above. 25 years later on January 14, 1980, it was a beautiful day for a party with family and friends. Then they were in flight to that land, Hawaii, a lover's paradise. Still very much in love, it was just the two of them at the Jim Nabors Show, Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and sightseeing during the day. Their evenings were filled with luaus, walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, and romance. They made memories to last them a lifetime, but it all ended too soon. This time they shared was a honeymoon they never had and the thought of leaving so soon made them sad. In future years, their love would go through highs and lows, but neither one would ever let the other go. The worst low was Lois receiving a call that Harold had fallen at a job site and might not make it through the night. He was in a coma with multiple skull fractures, 4 broken ribs, and broken vertebrae in his back, and a broken scapula (shoulder). As a daughter, I can remember praying day and night that my father would be all right. That if he were to awake, I didn't care if he didn't know anyone as long as he knew who my mother was. I couldn't imagine my mother having her love and companion for life not know her. It would be a tragedy and very painful to deal with. She had been the love of his life, his loving wife most of her life. After a month he awoke, slowly but surely. He recognized everyone but had to learn to walk, talk, use his motor skills, and feed himself all over again. During his recovery, the doctors noticed a spot on my father's lung and, after a biopsy, advised my mother it was malignant, non-small cell carcinoma which meant surgery. This set my father back again. My mother's dedication and commitment of being his constant companion and continued support, staying with him through the highs and the lows, never turning away from him, even when she hurts from some of the things he says. He has a head injury that is permanent and at times it is very difficult. Forty-four years later, on January 14, 2000, in a simple restaurant they celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. Renew their memories from pictures to reality. What a vacation this would be. My parents will be in love until the end. My parents are my best friends. With or without the trip, I know their love for each other and me will never end. A loving daughter!

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