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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Two Loves of a Lifetime
Dedicated to Tim Ludwig

Submitted by Marla

We snared the elusive dream...we found the love of our life. Not once, but twice. Before we knew one another, Tim and I had both visited Hawaii and fell in love with it, as many do. Ours was not an ordinary infatuation with Hawaii but a deep passion for it, a sense that it was home. The first time we met, we talked of our mutual love for Hawaii and our desire to live there. That could have been what made us bond and want to see more of each other, but it was much more than that as we found out. We continued to date and our relationship deepened into a once-in-a-lifetime love. Within a year, we visited Hawaii together. I knew I had missed being on the islands, but the emotion I felt upon landing in Oahu was like someone who had been homesick for a long time. I had come home and the pure joy of that moment moved me to tears. I knew the second dream of my life was still alive. Our trip was far too short, but every day was wonderful as we explored the island, not as tourists, but as future residents looking for the best location to live and the kind of house we would want to own. We saw wonders of Hawaii and had experiences with its people we wouldn't have had as mere tourists. By the end of our trip, our dream had become a commitment to one another that we would find a way to go home again to stay. Since then, the foundations of what Hawaii means to us lives in our hearts and souls daily. For us the beauty of Hawaii is not only what nature created, but it is what is embodied in its people. We cannot deny that Hawaii's natural abundant beauty is what lives in our senses - the surf, beaches and landscape to provide you relaxation, contemplation and sport; the abundance of greenery and flowers to embrace sight and smell; the cultural music and dance to express life and love. But it is the aloha spirit of the people that makes us want to live there. We have seen the many ways their sense of family and community is shown -- how their children are raised with many aunties and uncles; how neighbors care enough to watch out for one another and how they share the beauty and bounty of their land with one another. We've had many people generously share their time, experiences and assistance with us. To us, that is the true character of Hawaii and it is how we want to live and how we want to give to others. Our love for one another is fulfilled daily and together we will continue to visit Hawaii as often as we can. As hard as it is to leave, we know that each visit is another step toward fulfilling our true desire to make Hawaii our home.

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