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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Waikiki Proposal
Dedicated to John

Submitted by Wendy

John and Wendy spent a glorious three-week vacation in Hawaii to celebrate John's college graduation. They spent their days in the surf and sun, drinking in the relaxing Aloha spirit and exploring the island where John grew up. Their favorite nightspot was Waikiki beach with its Tiki torches, gentle lapping waves, and delicious sounds and smells wafting from the hotel restaurants that lined the beach. Wendy had no idea that her life would take a surprising, romantic turn while staying in this tropical paradise.

On April 2, 1992, John took Wendy down to Waikiki. They walked through the Hilton Hawaiian Village and down to the torch-lit beach of Waikiki. They walked in the warm waves and talked. Then John invited Wendy to sit down on the sand. He proposed to her there beneath the stars under the huge rainbow mural on the side of the Hilton. Wendy said "yes" with tears gleaming in her eyes. Then John whisked Wendy away from the beach and met Heather, Don, and Scott for a 2-hour cruise off Waikiki. On board, they danced and the black lights above the dance floor made Wendy's new diamond glow like the blue of Waikiki's waters. A slow song was dedicated to them on their engagement day. It was the most romantic evening ever! After the cruise, the group headed off to Zippy's for mahi mahi sandwiches to top off the evening, Hawaiian-style.

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