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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Surprise
Dedicated to my wife, Cheryl

Submitted by Don

My story begins Fall of 1990. I was trying to persuade Cheryl to get her teaching certificate to pursue her goal of becoming a business teacher. She said, "Sure, all I need is a part-time job to meet the requirements." This is where the deception comes in. Stage one of her plan was now in motion: getting me to agree that she get a job with the idea to become a certified teacher. Having my support, she was free to begin her plan, which as it turns out, I would be unaware of for several months. Phase two was to "skim" a little off our grocery budget without me catching on. She also brought our friends and parents into this cover-up. The only ones who didn't know about her plan were our two children and myself. As time passed, I noticed the increasing expenses regarding our grocery budget and questioned why she never wanted me go with her shopping. She would use excuses like "I'll just stop on my way home" or, "I thought I would stop by Mom's and go on my way back." I had no idea what was to transpire. Phase three of her plan was to take place in July. One morning, a close friend stopped by to get us for a day of sightseeing and to pick her husband, Mark, up at the airport. Previously, Cheryl had taken our children to their Grandma's house for the night, which was not unusual. Nonetheless, we went with our friend, who seemed rather jovial that day and repeatedly looked at me with a silly smile. Circling up the garage ramp, I happened to notice my mom, dad and sister in the adjacent ramp, circling upward, too. I said, "Wow, that's weird! What are they doing here?" Cheryl immediately said, "They're picking up Jerry (my brother in-law) from a flight back east." I said, "Oh, I didn't know he was gone." Parking the car, we went inside to meet Mark. Soon, I was surrounded by my entire family, our closest friends, and our kids. I said, "What's going on? Why are all of you here?" Cheryl, about to explode by this time, blurted out, "We're going to Hawaii!" I said, "Is this a joke or what?" in disbelief. She then showed me the tickets to Honolulu, Hawaii for departure within the hour. The whole family was in on the surprise. Cheryl's family and our two children would be joining us, too. The surprise was for my 40th birthday, one I will never forget. On the plane to Hawaii, I started putting the pieces together and realized how I had been tricked. I told my wife I would never trust her again, but I did, because she did it out of love, knowing that I love Hawaii. We've been best friends and happily married for 23 years. We want to return to Hawaii to share another special occasion, the celebration our 25th wedding anniversary.

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