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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Telephone Love
Dedicated to C.b.

Submitted by Donna

He is tall, dark, thick, and some may say he is not attractive. And it is kind of true; unless you, like me, can see beyond. It is taboo, too...he is in charge and the slightest slip of the tongue could mean insubordination, so every part of the conversation must be carefully thought out by both of us.

I say I heard you are going on vacation next week. He says who told you that? I say does it matter? He says yes. Whoever told you will have to be cut off. We both laugh. I say are you going anywhere? He says I am thinking of going someplace tropical; perhaps Hawaii. I say oh really? With family, friends, or a friend? He says I do not know, whoever can get time off, and he turns and looks directly into my eyes and says can you get time off?

Since he is my super, he knows I have taken all of my vacation for the year. I reply no, but you better believe I wish I could. We stare into each others eyes for but a brief moment and then both look away quickly, because if for one second more, we might expose the secret. I say well I guess I will go back to my desk and do some work so you can do the same...He says let me see that before you leave. I say what? He says your ring. I feel like my air supply has just been cut off. I hand him my left hand. He says that's a beautiful diamond. Your husband must really love you.

I say he does, he does.

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