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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Best Years of My Life
Dedicated to my husband, Mike

Submitted by Stephanie

We got married on October 13, 1973. When we got married, we made plans to go to Hawaii if we made it to 25 years together. Last year was 25 years and we did go to Hawaii. We met when we were juniors in high school. I could not ask for a better man than Mike. We have been on a lot of vacations, but Hawaii was the best one. We take two vacations a year. We always make sure that we take one week by ourselves. We do not have any kids, so all we have is each other. When we go on vacation, we always have fun because we are like kids because we like to have fun. Mike has always been my love. Most of the time he knows what I am going to say before I say it. Every day when we leave to go to work, he tells me that he loves me. On the 13th of each month, he always tells me happy anniversary. Every day I get up, I think how lucky I am to have him love me so much. We are going back to Hawaii on October 10, 1999. I only hope we have many more years together. Mike is my life and my only love.

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