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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our Story
Dedicated to my husband, Michael

Submitted by Maria

Michael and Maria, "Our Story." My name is Maria. I am a racially mixed woman of Japanese and African descent. While an infant, a Caucasian German family adopted me. They raised me in a small town called Gig Harbor in Washington. During my school years in Gig Harbor, there were only two other minority children attending my school. It was difficult for me at times, being the only "light brown skinned" child on the bus, in class, at the birthday parties, on the soccer team, etc. I felt as though I didn't fit in even though I seemed to be quite popular and had lots of friends. I never dated until my junior year in high school when I moved out of Gig Harbor to a more culturally diverse and much larger town. While most of my good friends in Gig Harbor had steady boyfriends all thoughout middle and high school, I just didn't fit in to Gig Harbor's dating scene. I dreamed and hoped that one day I would meet a man with similar qualities and background to my own. Once I was an adult, I began a long search for my biological mother. I discussed the search with my friend, Marla. One day, Marla said, "I know this guy Michael who was adopted. Would you like me to set you two up on a blind date?" I agreed. Michael, I was told, worked for the State Patrol and was of Caucasian and Afro American descent. Michael had also been adopted as an infant by a German family and raised in a very small town called Concrete. Michael was the only minority growing up in his town. Michael had also started his own search for his biological mother. Since the day of our blind date, Michael and I have been inseparable. The coincidences between us run so deep, it still amazes me. After we met on the first date, I think we both knew this was it - we had found our match. One month after our first date, Michael asked me to marry him. Then after a thirteen-month engagement, we were married. Michael and I finished the long journey of finding and meeting our biological families together. It was nice to be in love with a man who understood everything about my life and me. We chose to vacation in Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon. We discussed our dreams under the most amazing sunsets. Maui is a very special place and will always live in our hearts forever. We have achieved so many of the goals we set for ourselves during our honeymoon in Maui. Michael and I are soul mates. We believe we were destined to be together. Especially when finding a perfect match these days is not an everyday thing. It's odd when you really think about it. How many people's lives are as similar as ours under such unusual circumstances? We are both very lucky and thankful.

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