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Love Stories of Hawaii


Overfeeling Moments
Dedicated to Sabine Köhler, my one and only

Submitted by Wieser

On a warm summer night on the beautiful beach of an Hawaiian coast, there was a young couple walking along at sunset. The majestic birds were flying their circles over both loving people.
This was the panorama you'll see in a movie, but now it was real. It was me and my girlfriend Sabine,who was walking there.
Damned, it was so fantastic and real.
Everything was all right and it seemed to be the best time for a question that will change my life forever. I tried to find Sabine's hand as best as I could. My heart was pumping, feeling like there are only a few seconds till it will explode.
I was shivering, my whole body. It wasn't`t easy at all to hide it.
We stopped slowly, and there was something in the air. I cannot describe how it was loaded like electricity.
Our eyes tried to find each other.
"Sabine..." I said silently. I think she knew what was coming.
"Sabine..." I said the second time. I tried to formulate the most urgent question of my life. But it didn't work, because her lips came close to mine and we kissed so intensely like we never kissed before. I didn't know how long this kiss lasted: one second, one minute, one hour, one week, I cannot tell.
After that kiss I collected my restless nerves and tried it the third time.
"Why to hell is this question so difficult; every other question is easier to ask?" I thought. In my head spins many answers like: no, not yet, maybe in a few minutes, let's think about it, how can you ask me this...
I think everyone knows what is going on if you are trying to ask such a difficult question.
But it must happen here and now.
I cannot wait any longer to hear a Yes from the one and only girl with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.
Because she gives me that things I never believed any person can give to me.
She sees directly in my heart, she touched my soul, like never anyone did before. She gives me so much that it's hard to describe.
"Honey, will you marry me?"
It was done, I have done it, I cannot believe!
This silence between my question and her answer seemed like years to me.
What will she answer?
She looked once again at me. Her eyes getting wet of tears, and two of them were gliding down her brown velvet skin.
She began to smile like I never saw before from here.
"Yes, my dear, I will marry the loveliest man I ever met.
I will marry the father of my children."
I hope, she will never ask me what I felt in this moment of her answer.
My knees felt like gum, and I began to loose control.
But in the last second I turned around my feelings and enjoyed thinking of the good times we had together.

My only Love Sabine,
I will ever love you and be with you in bad times and in good times.
And a great thank to beautiful Hawaii that made this all possible.

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