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Love Stories of Hawaii


Sailing on my wedding day!
Dedicated to Bob, Annette, Arvin, Angie, and Brett

Submitted by Kristi

When Bob and I got engaged, we talked about where to get married. It had always been our dream to one day visit Hawaii, and what better reason could we have than to get married and honeymoon there? We chose Kauai as the location for our wedding ceremony, and asked Bali Hai Weddings to coordinate our wedding since they were able to marry us by a waterfall and provide a sunset cruise afterwards. Early on the morning of our wedding day we flew to Kauai. One of the groomsmen was not feeling well but was making the best of it. I had been nervous all morning since it had been drizzling that morning and was afraid it would rain and ruin our ceremony. Happily, the clouds passed just in time and we enjoyed a wonderful outdoor ceremony. Our wedding was intimate, meaningful, and the setting was gorgeous. As soon as the ceremony was over we cut our cake and made champagne toasts. The photographer/videographer did our photo shoot in those settings. We were scheduled to have lunch at the Resort, but ran overtime with the photos and had to skip lunch if we were to make it to our cruise on time. As we left for the boat it started raining, but naturally by the time we reached Poipu for our cruise it had stopped again! The surf was a little high that day, but not so big as to cancel our cruise. Still, after we got out on the water, the surf was more than a few of the passengers could take, and several passengers lost their cake! It was to be a 2-hour cruise but was cut to 1 1/2 hours in sympathy of those with seasickness. After a good nights sleep, however, everyone felt better. The rest of our trip was wonderful and we had a great time! My husband, friends, and I now look back on our wedding day with humor and fond memories!

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