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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Magic of the Islands
Dedicated to Don

Submitted by Marlene

Is it the perfume that haunts the air
Or maybe the rush of the surf
Or is it the kiss of the sun on your skin And the breath of the Gods in your hair?
Perhaps it's the sand and Hawaiian guitars
Or the stars falling into the sea
The warm happy people who live there
And the visitors who come from afar.
Love stories will always be born here
The moon will witness their birth
The song of Hawaii will call you
To this piece of heaven on earth.
She trembled as she dressed carefully for dinner and she marvelled that the mere thought of him could still affect her so. After all, they had been married 35 years. Coming to Hawaii for their anniversary was their gift to each other. Now, here in this enchanting paradise, it was the strangest thing. She felt so young again, walking barefoot in the sand and playing in the beautiful, warm water of the ocean. Tonight they would dance under the palm trees and then.... The strains of Blue Hawaii came softly to her, enhancing her anticipation. It was time. She pinned the gardenia in her hair and stepped into his familiar, welcoming arms. The magic of the Islands began weaving their timeless spell again.

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