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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My most romantic Valentines ever
Dedicated to Scott Mastbrook

Submitted by Julie

The most romantic Valentines Day I ever had took place on February 12, 1999. Because the holiday fell on a weekend, my boyfriend decided to celebrate on Friday so that he could surprise me at work. It definitely worked. I woke up groggily for work on Friday morning and headed for the shower only to find a romantic Valentines Day card sitting on the knobs. The card was incredibly sweet and I instantly knew that I would have a great day. I would have been happy with this, but of course, the surprises did not stop there. After my shower, I quickly got dressed and proceeded to pour myself my daily bowl of cereal. As I poured the cereal, I noticed that in addition to my Cheerios, several little candied hearts were in my bowl. He had managed to mix hearts in with every single breakfast cereal in the cupboard! I was astonished and flattered, to say the least. That was the most creative thing anyone had ever done for me. I ate my breakfast and went to work, feeling loved and happy. When I arrived at work, I saw a small group of my fellow coworkers mulling around my office door. I walked up to the group to see what all the excitement was about and low and behold there was a single rose attached to my door along with a card and a Cupid. I went into my office to read the card. It told me to check out my office mailbox for the rest of my Valentines present. When I checked my mailbox, I found a box of chocolates and the rest of the roses next to the mailbox. This act of kindness and love is by far the most romantic thing that anyone has done for me. We got engaged 2 months later and are now engaged to be married on August 5, 2000. We are currently planning a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii.

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