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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Never, Yet Forever
Dedicated to The Lost Love In All Of Us

Submitted by Heather

She had come out to watch the sunset. The huge orange of the earth star began its dip toward the turquoise of the ocean. A small flock of seagulls nestled in a composed white mass on the lush green of a golf course that stretched below. The sound of ice clinking on glass meant her beloved husband was fixing their usual evening cocktails and would join her soon for their twilight ritual. She was on the lanai of their home on the coast of Kauai. Her mind drifted back in time, as her eyes gazed toward the lush Hawaii beach beyond the course, where so many years ago, while walking this sand for the first time, she had met Nainoa. He was wearing a bright white pareo tied at the waist that fluttered like bird wings around his thighs. She remembered with tenderness, but no longer with tears. He had been struck by her pale skin and the swirl of her red tresses in the wind, she by the cascade of long black hair against the dark flesh of his back. They had fallen in love, even though their romance was somewhere between the one they needed, and the one they could not have. They had imagined being in this paradise together some day as husband and wife, watching the sea like this. She had not seen him since he drifted out of her life, too short a time later. He had presented her with a silk pareo the colors of the rainbow and an opulent brown Koa jewelry box with a note tucked inside saying he would fill it. But, it remained empty, except for the long, thick lock of hair he had given her to hide within it. She recalled their last conversation when he had professed his undying love for her. And then he had disappeared. " 'O ia ka'u wahine," Nainoa had said to strangers that day he met her. Inexplicably, she had felt at that moment, she was. And now, so many years later, on some unexaminable level, she remained so. In the faraway recesses of her mind, beyond comprehendible consciousness, she embraced that with bittersweet serenity. This evening she was wearing the rainbow pareo. The seagulls stirred in unison and caught her gaze. She turned her head just slightly toward the blur of white motion. "Your drink, darling." He handed her the glass, smiled and tapped his on hers. The seagulls lifted up at once and, in a white swoop across the lanai and toward the ocean, brushed so close she could feel warm brisks of air from their flapping wings rush against her cheeks with a latent familiarity. She was astonished. The sun fizzled beneath the horizon. Orange sky, blue ocean and green golf course dimmed to gray.

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