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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Learning to Love
Dedicated to my Friend

Submitted by Cathy

As a receptionist, i get a fair share of complaint calls. The one on January 4, 1999, was not like the others. This gentleman was on a soapbox. As I listened, I tried to persuade him to let me transfer him to the appropriate department. He continued explaining his plight. There was something about his voice that made me smile. I hoped he would call again--he did. For the next few weeks, we created a growing friendship. He asked me for my home number - I unhesitationally gave it to him.

He lived in Walla Walla, and I live in Tenino some 460 miles away. I knew our friendship would not last.

He planned to come over in late January, but I talked him out of it, making him lose his $300 airfare. He planned another trip for February. I was so nervous I, again, tried talking him out of it. I was having surgery that week and didn't want company. There was no changing his mind. I told him we wouldn't be able to go to dinner or a movie, and his response was, "good, I can take care of you." He cleaned my house, fixed my meals, and did my laundry. I remember thinking I could really go for this guy. My daughter also liked him.

There was this one moment I knew I was falling in love with him. He was sitting on the side of the bed, looking for a good radio station. I was lying on the bed feeling miserable and sorry for myself, when he found a station playing a duet song. He started to lip sync with the man, then it was the woman's turn - he continued with the woman's voice, and added feminine-type gestures. I laughed so hard that I cried, completely forgetting my pain.

Not ready to relinquish my heart to this man, I wanted to learn more about him. I wanted to learn if he had the same perspective of what Love meant - not being pressured by our peers or society's idea, but our own views.

This man, in one year's time, has taught me the difference between good love and disposable love. If you get into a disagreement, it doesn't mean the relationship is over. You have to work hard for the things you believe in. This man is more than I've prayed for.

It's funny, now that I think back, telling my friends that I would never get married again, and him telling his friends the same thing. We have set our wedding date for May 26, 2001, at 1 p.m. We haven't decided on where the service is yet, but we've decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Neither one of us has ever had a honeymoon.

Whether we are chosen for this gift of a dream honeymoon or not, my prayers have been answered by this man. We will continue to work together to achieve success.

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