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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Little Hawaiian Sweetheart
Dedicated to Devon Collart

Submitted by Cheryl

This is about my three-year-old grandson whose name is Devon. I have always and still do call him "Sweetheart". I had my 50th birthday party last year with friends and family in Hawaii. Planning the trip was great fun for Devon and his brother Zachary. During Devon's first plane ride, sitting next to me, all I saw were huge brown eyes and the biggest smile. I taught him to say mahalo and aloha. Flight attendents were surprised and amused when they brought lunch and beverages, and he would say, "Mahalo and aloha." Devon loved the beach. He would be playing in the water with Mom and Dad, and he would come running up to where I was sitting on shore and sa, "I got slammed by killer waves, Gramma, I got slammed." Then Devon would run back into the water for more. I got love and kisses when we were in the limo to go to my birthday dinner. Another big highlight to me was when I had been shopping and came back to meet everyone at the pool. Devon saw me and yelled, "GRAMMA" as he ran the full length of the pool deck to give me a great big hug and kiss. Eight days later when it was time to go home, Devon's father said, "Are you ready to go back home?" My little sweetheart looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said, "I stay right here Hawaii with my Gramma." This is my love story that took place in Hawaii. With my little "Sweetheart" full of love and kisses.

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