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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

I Finally Said I Love You
Dedicated to Westley, from Buttercup

Submitted by Tracy

I moved to Hawaii on a whim. Within days of arriving, I met Patrick. We quickly began dating. While Patrick was nice enough, he was not really my type, as he was blonde and short. I've always been drawn to brunettes, tall with broad shoulders. Patrick's best friend Neil fit the bill perfectly! To help things along, the three of us all worked nights at Domino's Pizza in Waipahu. Although Patrick and I soon moved in together, we quickly broke up. However, we remained both friends and roommates. As I was more and more drawn to Neil, I began to juggle my Domino's schedule to match his. Meanwhile, Neil mysteriously began staying at our apartment, even though this meant he had to awaken terribly early for his Army physical training. I simply assumed he preferred our hot, steamy apartment to the noisy barracks. I began asking Patrick about Neil, what he liked in a woman, what he disliked, what "type" he preferred. Turns out Neil was busy asking Patrick if he thought he'd have a chance of a date with me! Finally Patrick said that Neil and I should talk to EACH OTHER. I had known all along, if we ever had a first date, that Neil and I would end up married. Our first date was at the beach: he boogie boarded, while I basked in the sun. After five hours in the sun, I had a lovely tan (I don't burn), while poor Neil was sunburned to a crisp! This was agony in his Army uniform. That first date was on Valentine's day. We were married September 30, 1988. Eleven years and four children later, we are still in love, and happily remember our wedding in Hawaii. Patrick was our best man.

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