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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Forever Yours
Dedicated to Donna deQuilettes

Submitted by Benjamin

Sitting here, wondering what to write, all that consumes my thoughts is my love for Donna. The fact that we actually met was a miracle in itself, but the fact that we are together is an even greater miracle.

Donna and I met after high school, and for me, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it wasn't for her. I had to work for over a year to win her heart, but once I won it, I had it for life. We couldn't afford a nice wedding, but I wanted the best for my bride. While attending Bible School, I worked overtime at my job. I had to work very hard, but in the end, we ended-up with one of the nicest weddings I have ever seen. To top off the event, I had made enough for us to enjoy our love in Hawaii.

We both love the ocean, but especially Donna. I'll never forget our walks down the beach, holding each other close, knowing that we had a lifetime to love each other. Twenty-four years have passed since then, and we've had our ups and downs, as well as children. We've never had enough funds to return to our island getaway, but always had a desire to go. In September, we will be celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary, and I know it is in Donna's heart to return to the place where we celebrated our love, long ago.

Donna means more to me than anything else in the world and I want to show my love for her by bringing her back to lover's paradise. Her love gives my life meaning, and I want her to have a twenty-fifth anniversary that will be even better than our honeymoon. She deserves the very best!

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