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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Free at Last!
Dedicated to Ricky

Submitted by Patty

So, there we were working side-by-side in a department where your ex-wife used to work. Yikes! We spent two and a half long years being "discreet." Even though we were both single, the gossip mill was ruthless. Still, we were single, so why should anyone but us care?

Description of a "discreet" romance:
Momentary eye contact that takes your breath away.
Subtle brush by touch that makes you all squoosy inside.
Knowing looks.
Parking a little out of the way.
Convincing management that you should both go to the same conference.
Sharing the same hotel room (scandalous!).
Trying to plan our Hawaiian get-away without having management figure out that we were going together (and finally giving up).
Passing up the fushia-colored truck for something a little less noticeable.
Wonderful, passionate nights by the fire.
Hiking in the fair weather and snowshoeing in the winter.
Laughing until it hurts.
Humored that we went to such lengths.
Every minute was worth it! What a blast!
And now that we've moved along to other jobs,

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