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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Love Grounded
Dedicated to Kevin

Submitted by Arlene

Aloha! If you listen carefully through the warm gentle Pacific breeze, you will hear and smell love in the air. The smiling greetings from the native Hawaiians swaying to the beat of the ukulele, the perfumed smell of leis and the penetrating warmth of the bright sun greet us as we depart from the airplane. They set the romantic mood! Unaware of the discovery of True Love about to unfold, we innocently step into this adventure. Hilton Hawaiian Village softens our hearts with its exclusive array of charm. As our feet sink into the soft sand on Waikiki Beach, the pressures left behind instantly disappear. Time is irrelevant as the soothing heat from the glowing sun warms every bone in our body. Gazing out into the beautiful blue endless sea, our deadlines and bills drift away. Relaxed and soothed, the darkness slowly drifts from our eyes and hearts as we absorb the gorgeous surroundings. The enchanted gardens charm us with their vivid colors and unique designs. Birds displaying the colors of the rainbow whisper splendid melodies. As we gaze into each other's eyes, we feel our hearts beat as one as we reminisce about our life as husband and wife. Together at the threshold of our dreams, God embraces us and carries us over into True Love. He reveals Himself in all that we see. The Creator uniquely designed each shape and texture of nature. He exclusively chose us to unite together. His creativity and unconditional love for mankind is expressed in everything surrounding us. It is the whisper of True Love that radiates from each natural splendor in Hawaii and through the eyes of two in love. Each day in the midst of this beauty, our love for each other and our Creator grows deeper. Yes, we have found it! True love is the fusion of two hearts united in marriage and grounded upon love's true source in the heart of God. The last day of our vacation has crept upon us. Sitting in silence on Waikiki Beach absorbing the sunset's golden mystery, our souls meditate on our adventure. Our lives are transformed because God touched them.

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