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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

"Hawaii Calls"
Dedicated to Rick, my darling husband

Submitted by Patricia

We landed in Oahu on January 28, 1996. What we left behind was 30-degrees-below-zero weather, 26 inches of snow, and jealous relatives and friends. What we brought with us were new wedding rings, swimsuits, tanning oil, and very happy smiles to initiate our honeymoon. Not bad for two 46-year-olds engaging on a new destiny. Hawaii was even more than we could ever have anticipated! We stayed in a beautiful condominium overlooking the pristine Waikiki Beach. We decided to get dressed up and head down to catch the Don Ho show. As we started our journey down the avenue, a burst of a wondrous rain shower caught us by surprise. We were soaked and wet, but looking up at the rainbows, laughed and decided to make the most of it. Too wet to continue, we dashed into a local restaurant and picked up some food "to go." After we got back to our room, we ate our food and decided to snuggle on the bed. Waves were crashing on the beach that night, and it was like something out of a movie. The full moon was making its appearance through the voile curtains, winds were sailing through the room and all we could hear was our soft whispers of love, the giant waves and romantic Hawaiian music playing in the background. It was truly the most romantic evening in our entire lives. We were so happy for that rain storm. We did see the Don Ho show at a later date, but even an occasional rain storm can bring on the passion in Hawaii. Our hearts long to recapture the moment, so that is why we entered this contest! Please grant us our wish.

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