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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Hawaii, Our Secret Love
Dedicated to Hawaii, we love you and miss you!

Submitted by Patricia

Do you know what it is like to spend over half a year living in a cold frozen tundra? Our ceilings in our upstairs bedrooms "creek" from ice build-up on the roof. Our windows have frost on them (that's on the inside of the house), we use a scraper to remove the ice in winter. Our backs ache from shoveling snow and we are cold all of the time. We work almost two weeks a month just to pay our heat bills every month, and my husband has arthritis from being so cold. What keeps us going? Cherishing our wonderful memories and our "secret love"-HAWAII!! We listen to Hawaiian music, have Hawaiian art on our walls, we collect old Hawaiian movie posters and dolls, and have even practiced some of the language. We had our honeymoon over in Oahu, and our secret love is calling us back. Our beautiful honeymoon was cut short due to a severe family crisis. We need to recapture the moment of the greatest night of our lives. The precious people, the darling keiki, the sunrise on Diamond Head, Waikiki, the surf, full moon on the Pacific, ships in the harbour, fine food, luaus, the North Shore, rainbows, and the exciting helicopter ride are just a little bit of the bigger picture. Oh dear, our little "Secret Love" is out of the bag. But that's okay. Even our answering machine says "ALOHA", and everyone that knows us, knows that our true love is awaiting us in Hawaii......calling, calling, calling....the dream, the romance, the secret love.. !

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