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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Diamond Head
Dedicated to Diamond Head

Submitted by Shelby

While sunning on the beach on Oahu, Hawaii at Waikiki Beach, I looked up at Diamond Head and started to daydream, staring at the sky and wondering what secrets beautiful Diamond Head holds? Are you watching us, still in love after all these years, and are you remembering the Kings that once feasted here, or the hula dancers and ships that so plentifully were, or the sweet Ukuleles and songs that filled the air, the sweet smell of flowers drifting up so far, and are you remembering the canoes flashing through the water like tiny little fishes, that swim freely and fast. Aw, come on, Diamond Head, I can daydream can't I? And if wishes came true I would stay forever with you, my love by my side to sweetly age away and look up to Diamond Head every Day!

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