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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Dream
Dedicated to the man I love

Submitted by Norma

In 1958, I was 17 and my husband was 18 - you know, one of those marriages that would not last. We were unable to afford a honeymoon and as with most young marrieds, we got caught up in the raising of our two sons and the day-to-day activities that make up family life. As the years passed I, as a romantic, have always been in love with the thought of Hawaii. I never missed a movie or documentary that was set there. When my fortieth wedding anniversary rolled around, I made up my mind that Hawaii was the way I would celebrate. My husband went along with the idea even though he wanted to go on a cruise, but once we hit the islands, his mind changed. As we were flying into Honolulu, we watched as the waters turned from blue-black to a gorgeous torquoise blue. It looked like the Tidy Bowl man had taken up residence. One thing we loved was sitting and watching the golden sun sink below the horizon and to hear the crashing of waves against the shore and remember what has passed and what wonders still lay ahead for two young people that truly love.As each day passed, the sights and sounds of this paradise sinks into your body and soul and becomes a part of you and when, at last, you must leave this heaven on earth, you take a part with you and make a vow that you will again touch the shores of this romantic port of call.

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