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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Family Gathering
Dedicated to Family

Submitted by Cindi

My fondest memory of Hawaii is that of my mother being a "big sister". You see, my family only consists of four people: my mother and me, and my aunt and cousin. Two of us live in the States and two live in Germany. Since we left Germany in 1966, my mother had never seen her sister. Finally, the day came when my aunt finally got enough courage to travel to the U.S. to see her sister. As a birthday gift to my aunt, my mother paid for a trip to Hawaii for all of us. There we were, living large on the beach at Waikiki, two 30-somethings and two 60-somethings, laughing, joking and connecting to a past long gone. The sight of my mother being a "big sister" made me look at her in a totally different light. Before my eyes, I saw my mother go from a senior citizen to that of a teenager with all the wonder and lust for life in front of her. For me, this time in Hawaii made me appreciate the fact that no matter how small and far apart one's family may be, there is a history of love, friendship, and memories that can never be taken away. It's been six years since the four of us have been together and the memory of us beachside at our hotel is as vivid now as it was then. For me, Hawaii will always remind me of the time I got to see my mother be a "big sister".

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