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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Lahaina's Banyan Tree
Dedicated to my wife, Tiplada

Submitted by Pravit

They were married under the banyan tree on Maui per their family`s suggestion. They were so happy, excited and so tired that they hardly took any notice of the tree at all. On revisiting 30 years later, they were surprised to learn that the tree is more than 127 years old. It is the oldest banyan tree in Hawaii and has 12 big trunks. For the local people it is not just a tree, it is a friend, protector. People hold all kinds of activities under its shade, picnics, singing, sleeping, religious or wedding ceremonies, etc. Sitting under the shade of this tree, looking back at their life together, they too try to be like the banyan tree: Giving security to their family, trying to make their community a better place to live, trying to give back to the society as much as they can. They both decided that it was the banyan tree's blessing for them without their knowing it. Thanks, my friend, for the happiness you gave us for the past 30 years.

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