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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Day in Molokai
Dedicated to my husband, Lee

Submitted by Leslye

It was our tenth wedding anniversary and my husband, Lee, gave me what I've been wanting for many, many years -- a mule trip down a very steep cliff to Father Damien's Leper Colony. It started out at the airport in Maui at 5:00 AM for Continental Breakfast (except someone forgot to bring the breakfast!). A very small airplane flew 4 of us to Molokai. A van picked us up there and took us to a ranch. I thought mules were very small donkeys. Wrong! They are very huge. We mounted up by size, the lightest first. I was last to mount up! We got on the mule from a platform (they were very big!) The question was asked, "Has anyone ever ridden a horse before?" Lee raised his hand. "Good, you're our leader!" In reality, he'd only ridden once in his life! Off we went, down a 1500 foot cliff on a very narrow switchback trail, no guard rails, on a huge mule that does not like me and wants to pass everyone else! It was good that Lee was in the front, as he was video taping the whole trip. We finally got down the mountain and continued our tour in a very old, rickety school bus. It was finally lunchtime. Although we were at a very beautiful picnic area and people were going in some where to eat, our lunch was in a cooler in the back of the bus. A sandwich, a cookie and a can of pop. Lee and the wild cats (yes, the place is loaded with wild cats running around) were eying my cookie, No way!!!! More touring and then its time to mount up again, this time from the ground, no platform. My guide said, "Just put your foot in the stirrup and throw your other leg over his back and pull yourself up." I said, "You've got to be kidding!" "No lady, I'm not kidding." Well, I had to do it or be left behind. Back up the mountain, this time on a very hungry, large mule in a hurry! Back at the ranch, the van forgot to pick us up and we rode back to the airport in the back of a pick up. Our pilot found us in the bar. He said he always finds his return mule riders in the bar! That night, back in Maui, in the hot tub, we laughed and laughed. Lee and I bonded like never before. To share this experience is truly awesome. To not only be in beautiful Hawaii but to also have such an adventure was so wonderfully romantic. What a good sport he was. By the way, the video is mostly Lees leg and boot as our "leader" was too afraid to let go of his mule to film.

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