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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A Marriage to last forever!
Dedicated to my best friend and husband Albert

Submitted by Grace

It all started with friendship as kids in the same church. I was just a young girl who sat with my mother during service. Little did we know we would someday be the best of friends and that this friendship would last forever. My mother and I started attending this church when I was about six years of age. I don't know when my friend started, but I think we began knowing one another when I was about eleven and he was fifteen. Of course, we did not dare speak on a personal level or even take notice of one another until I was thirteen and he was seventeen. He began to show an interest in me and asked if he could come by for a visit. Thrilled by his request, I replied with a happy, "Yes, of course, you may." And this is where it all started. We grew up in Mobile, Alabama during a time when young adults dated in a polite way, usually an evening walk, or a tour of the local fair when it was in town, or simply going to a movie. Most of all, we would just sit on the front porch and talk for a while until it was time to say "goodnight." By the time I was a junior in high school, he was graduating in the class of '62, from a competing neighboring high school. By this time he had asked for my hand in marriage, for the future, of course, and I accepted without hesitation. We were so in love, we thought, that we immediately began dreaming of our future together. Before long Albert joined the Army, in an effort to provide a future for our happiness. Soon after his graduation, my family moved to California, as he was off to boot camp. We kept in close contact with letters each week (which I still have), coins as souvenirs, and telephone calls that made the telephone company very pleased! In 1965, I was graduating from a local High School in Daly City, California and he asked me if I would be willing to come to Germany and marry him. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I had missed him terribly and no other guy could win me over. He saved money from his small military checks and sent enough to cover travel and food. By April 1966, I was having a lingerie shower and packing my wardrobe to meet my best friend. Although my mother wanted me to attend College, I longed to be with my first love. I was there for three months, when orders sent us back to the U.S. We planned a quick wedding while there with his mother, whom had moved to New York to be with her daughters, and we were married on June 25,1966. We never had the wedding we had originally planned, but we have had a wonderful life together. My son and his wife, who were just married September 11,1999, flew to Hawaii and said they wished we would go and see how beautiful it is. We can't really afford it, but would love to go, and this trip would certainly make up for our not having the wedding of our dreams. Today, I have been married for over 33 years. We have two wonderful children and one grandchild. Our lives have been complete and we have had many joyous experiences together. If we do win this trip, I would hope that we would be able to use it in June or July, since my Mother is recovering from a massive stroke and I need to plan my trips away carefully, since I help with her care. Also February would be a wonderful time, but I also help care for my grand-daughter who will turn 5 in February. If the trip is only available in February, and I am fortunate enough to win, I will make arrangements to accommodate those I care for.

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