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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

25th Anniversary
Dedicated to Michael McCready

Submitted by Janis

Over 30 years ago, when Mike and I became engaged we stated we would go to Hawaii on our 25th wedding anniversary. We made these promises along with our best friends Dot and Bill. Both couples became engaged at Christmas 1969 and were married May and June of 1970. Dot and I (Janis) vacationed in Hawaii before we were engaged and had a wonderful vacation. Well, before we knew it the year 1995 was here. Dot and Bill had two daughters in college and the trip was out of the question. Mike and I decided we were going one way or the other. Well, before we knew it, we were looking out the plane window at the sight of Diamond Head. What a sight. Well, now it is our 30th anniversary and we wish we could go back to Hawaii and enjoy all we missed the first week we were there. Please make our wish come true.

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