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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Night Of The Roses
Dedicated to The most wonderful husband in the world, John

Submitted by Gloria

John and I had been dating a little over a year. We had decided to get away for the weekend, not far, but away. I lived 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis, in Columbia, Illinois and he lived in South County. I was divorced and had a teenage daugher, which doesn't leave much quite time.

John called me up and said he got us a room at the Adams Mark, Downtown St. Louis. He said to pack a bag, he would drive me to work Friday morning than pick me up after work and take me away for the weekend.

Come Friday, at 5PM, John was there to pick me up, he had already checked us into our room and had the bags already out of the car. When we arrived at the hotel, instead of going to our room, he had arranged for us to me a couple of friends, Carol & Ed, in the lounge, for cocktails. After all it was happy hour time.

He kept leaving the table and returning, stating that things weren't ready as of yet in our room.

It was now around 7:30PM and he stated that we could go up to our room. We than said goodnight to Carol and Ed and off to the elevator we went.

To my surprise he had us booked on the Concierge Level. As I walked through the door I noticed a vase of roses. Than I noticed 5 other vases of roses. He had 6 dzn roses, deleived to the room and set up prior to our arriving, as well as 2 champane glasses, two bottles of Dom Perrion and chocolate covered strawberries.

As I looked around the room in disbelief and surrprise, he looked at me and said "I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND I AM VERY HAPPY THAT WE HAVE EACH OTHER".

That was 6 years ago. We are still very much in love and June 4th, will be our 5th wedding anniversary. He still surprises me with little things which always come from his heart. That night still brings tears to my eyes when I think of everything he went through to make sure the weekend was perfect and it was.

My husband and I have been making plans on traveling to Hawaii. We are both very much the beach bums. We perfer to be next to the water, no swiming pools for us.

I hope others will read this and know the special bond that I share with my husband. I thank God everyday for allowing me to meet such a wonderful, loving man. He is not only good to me, but at the same time accepted a 15 year old as his daughter. He never had any children of his own or was every really around any, so He got the full treatment and still does, from Sarah.

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