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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Meeting My Husband Again
Dedicated to Michael

Submitted by Cathy

The beauty of Diamond Head took my breath away. Just resting the warm waters of Waikiki Beach brought me to abide in a place of unconditional love. It was then that two figures came spashing into the water. My daughter and my husband, both alive with fun and expectation. With boogey board in hand we moved into the surf. Laughing, we each climbed aboard. The beach was filled with others but the three of us were alone in our moment of merriment. How simple to be together, without the complications of our mundane lives. How perfect to share this moment with our daughter. The sounds arising from the hotel were muted by the waves, the rocks on the beach bottom brought us to awareness in the present moment. How perfect it is to be with my loved ones, floating weightlessly on the tide.

How perfect to look at my husband as he holds my daughter to her boogey board. This is what life is meant to be, to spend such a moment.

Later, we change into clothes which evoke Hawaii, to see a show. We take hands and walk down the streets filled with busy people looking for a peaceful moment. The theater is filled with more such people but we are open and expectant. The stage takes us back to moments of fire and magic. We glance at one another, happy to share ancient stories being told by young supple bodies. The loudness of the music, the intensity of the expressions surprise us and we are once again united in a primal moment. Our daughter falls asleep despite the deafening music. It is ok, we are together, forever!

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