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Love Stories of Hawaii


Don't Break Your Leg...
Dedicated to My Wife, Monica

Submitted by Steve

It was a week before the wedding and my best man said we were going someplace fun for my bachelor party. "Hawaii?", I asked. No, we were off to Colorado to ski.

My fiancÚ, Monica, said only one thing with a smile before I left, "Don't break your leg!". I won't, I promised.

One day later I called Monica from a hospital at the ski resort. I didn't break my leg, I said. Too quickly, she sounded relieved. I broke my collarbone. Silence. Hawaii would have been a safer bet.

Standing at the wedding altar that week, my arm in a harness and my brain on pain medication, I pondered the true meaning of love. I looked to my side. There stood Love...beautiful, compassionate, and, most important, understanding.

Happy Valentine's Day Monica and thanks for seven years of beauty, compassion and understanding.

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