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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

A Love from the Sea
Dedicated to My wife, Fran

Submitted by Larry

Another sunny, beautiful Hawaiian day and I was going to continue my pursuit of the North Shore Pipeline, surfing today until I conquered the pipeline. I am Okanai Hamola, have been surfing since I was two years old, today I am twenty.

This is my passion and total life, so I thought, until I saw her.

I was inside the pipeline, the water was breathtaking, it moved over my surfboard and I as one.

Then it happened, to my amazement, I saw a girl, not a fish, it was a mermaid! She was beautiful and sensuous. She had long flowing, brown hair, shining brown eyes and a smile as dazling as a sunrise over the ocean.

I was moving quickly in the tube of the wave and tried to look for any of my buddies who might see what I was seeing, but none of them were there.

She was a Hawaiian goddess, this mermaid had to be from a Hawaiian time when romance was founded only on love.

I saw her motion me to follow her, but I hestitated, not knowing what to do.

Then my heart spoke to me, I knew I had found my true love, I dove into the wave, she grabbed my hand, slipped my tow rope off my foot, to my surprise I could breathe in the water.

We swam to her undersea land, where we lived in love and happiness in the oceans of Hawaii forever.

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