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Love Stories of Hawaii


One Day ...
Dedicated to my wife Mary

Submitted by Dennis

"One day, after we're married, we'll go on a proper honeymoon - maybe even to Hawaii!".

We were young and filled with energy and hope, but did not have enough financial resources to spend more than a few days alone together to start our marriage. We worked hard and long then - saving for a down payment on a house.

We finally did buy that house - and moved into it just in time to welcome our first of the three children with whom we would be blessed.

"One day, when we're a bit more settled in, we'll have ourselves a nice vacation".

Oh - how proud we were of our modest but handsome house and of our growing family which consumed essentially all of our spare time. Our family life then was at it's peak. Family dinners, housework, homework, brothers and sisters alternately fighting each other and then playing together again. Vacations then consisted of short, fun camping trips to the lake, and occasional weekends spent with friends who lived a few hours away.

"One day, when the kids are older, we'll be able to get away and have a romantic holiday together - just you and me",

The kids have all grown up now and are forging their own paths through life. We are rich now - not in finances, but with the memories of full lives lived that will be with us forever.

"One day, honey, let's go away to discover new things together - maybe even to Hawaii."

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