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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

My First Summer
Dedicated to David

Submitted by G.M

It was the summer of 1974 and I was an overweight 18 year old plain Jane with low self-esteem. I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii and did all the things that typical tourist do - tours, shopped and luau.

It was on the excursion to the luau that I met Dave. He was our tour escort that evening. Afterward, he asked me if I would like a drink. The hotel had an lanai with a bar. We sat outside enjoying our drinks and the tropical evening breezes. We talked and found ourselves walking along the beach holding hands underneath the stars and bright full moon reflecting off the water. I was leaving the next day and needed to pack. Dave walked me back to the hotel where we exchanged addresses. His kiss goodbye was the first real kiss that I ever experienced.

A month had past since the vacation when an arrangement of tropical flowers from Hawaii arrived. I couldn't believe it! It was from him! He didn't forget me! We wrote to each other on a regular basis, but by Christmas, his letters stopped.

Saint Valentine's Day was here. A box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and puka shell necklace arrived with a loving note from Dave. Somehow, I knew that this would be the last I would hear from him.

I wonder if he had any idea how much he helped me boost my self-esteem and gave me confidence. I will always be grateful for Dave.

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