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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

First Trip
Dedicated to Jim

Submitted by Kathy

We spent our first year together on the ranch. Jim patiently taught me about the hay machinery, the livestock and just how things are done on a small family run ranch in Colorado.

The next summer we got to take our honeymoon. I couldn't believe we would go to Hawaii! How exotic, yet comfortable knowing it was part of the USA.

Touring around, trying to read the street signs for directions with the average tourist confusion reigning supreme made me realize that if we could laugh together at our silly mistakes, the future together was looking good.

I still remember the river ride to the Fern Grotto and how romantic it was. The incredible plant life was around every bend! The days spent strolling the beaches of Maui with my new husband are some of my fondest memories.

That trip to Hawaii sealed our fate together. The incredible first vacation as a couple was just a foreshadowing of our full, rich life yet to come.

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