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Love Stories of Hawaii


Perfect Honeymoon
Dedicated to Ryan and Laura

Submitted by Karen

This story begins in December of 1995, when my husband, two high-school age sons and I spent Christmas in Hawaii. This was the second trip to Hawaii for my husband and I and we wanted our boys to experience the magic of the islands too. The trip was not the fun family island adventure we hoped it would be. Our oldest son, Ryan, was less than a joy to be around as he pined for his high-school sweetheart, Laura. The rest of the family enjoyed the trip as much as we could, leaving Ryan to pine alone. Now, six years later at the age of 23, Ryan will marry Laura in July 2001. Since Ryan and Laura are continuing their education, they will not have the funds for a honeymoon. What better place than Hawaii to spend it? I think Ryan will enjoy it this time....

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