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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Magical Kauai
Dedicated to The One

Submitted by Kristi

My thoughts struggle for freedom. The thoughts of Hawaii cannot escape. Gazing into the night, the moon casts it's magic. The sound of the ocean takes me to the sacred goddess Pele whom resides to protect the innocence of such pure beauty.

The seeds of adoration, desire and unity. I drink of your gaze to savor the taste, until I am in your presence. The dance of words unspoken. The language of the divine, complete in her knowing. Unsure of the truth of somewhere so beautiful, so rare, so precious. To find a place to the end of the earth. Is it real? I know not yet... patiently awaiting the subtle knowing of your beauty, your soul, your spirit. Like a rose shares not of it's fragrance to one who does not seek it's aroma. I seek to be with the fragrance of your being... on the island of Kauai. The light of Hawaii's soul shines upon me, kissing the very heart of my dreams. I wish only to be a part of the magic that has brought us to one another... the beat of the heart of Hawaii. The music of my soul longs to dance to the beautiful voice of the ocean, the trees, the moon, the sun, the stars and the flowers that scent the air I breathe... May we soon be at one. Atonement. You are a work of art, to be savored by my eyes, my soul... I soon will be in your sacred space... blessed by the magic you shower upon all the islands of Hawaii. Pele has cast her spell on me. I thank her graciously.

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